March 2019: ENDO2019

Priya Bhardwaj giving a guided poster presentation at ENDO2019. Priya was also selected to receive the Neena B. Schwartz Award - the Young Investigator Award for excellence in Basic Science from Women in Endocrinology.

Congratulations, Priya!

March, 2019: Breast Cancer Interest Working Group Retreat


October, 2018: Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer - Ladies’ Night Out

Research Pic Manhasset.jpg

October, 2018: NCI - Division of Cancer Prevention - Nutrition Frontiers - Fall 2018

A novel mechanism for the obesity-breast cancer link Read more.>


October, 2018: Weill Cornell Medicine - Englander Institute for Precision Medicine

Studying obesity and breast cancer risk Read more.>


July, 2018: Brown and Spector labs celebrate summer studentships at the MET



April 2018: UN Live United Nations Web TV
Holistic view and approach on sustainability and health - The Future of Women's Health - Symposium and Wellness Fair Read more.> 


March 18, 2018: ENDO2018 Press Release
In BRCA mutation carriers, obesity is linked with increased DNA damage in normal breast gland cells Read more.> 


March, 2018: Medpage Today
AACE Video Conference Reporter: ENDO 2018 Obesity Appears to Increase DNA Damage in BRCA-Mutation Carriers Read more.> 


May 17, 2017: Heart-Shaped Organoid

We ❤️ science!
#RealHopeIs seeing a ❤️ through the microscope when you're doing research on breast cancer.
After several hours of imaging, graduate student Priya Bhardwaj noticed that this organoid culture happened to take on the shape of a heart. Here’s how she describes the research she's doing that led to seeing this spectacular image… Read more.>

May 6, 2016: Engaging Women, The breast cancer researcher
Profile on NBCF-funded researcher Dr Kristy Brown and her work on the links between obesity and breast cancer. Read more.>


April 27, 2016: The New Daily, How food before bed could be harming you
Story on Dr Kristy Brown’s research on obesity and breast cancer, and new US research showing links between eating before bed and recurrence of breast cancer. Read more.>


April 15, 2016: Nine News Melbourne, Hunger link
Dr Kristy Brown’s research into the links between the hunger suppressing hormone, ghrelin and oestrogen-dependent breast cancer. Read more.>