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Kristy A. Brown, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Email: kab2060@med.cornell.edu


Alberto Benito-Martin, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Email: alb2049@med.cornell.edu

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CheukMan (Cherie) AU

Postdoctoral Associate

Email: cca2004@med.cornell.edu




Priya Bhardwaj

Ph.D. Student, BCMB

Email: prb2005@med.cornell.edu


Sofya Oshchepkova

Research Technician

Email: soo2003@med.cornell.edu

Past and Present Medical Students


Paul Paik

Medical Student

Email: php2008@med.cornell.edu

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Charalambia Louka

Medical Student

Email: chl2058@med.cornell.edu



Positions available

Postdoctoral Researcher

A Postdoctoral Research position is immediately available to investigate the molecular and cellular links between obesity and breast cancer. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong background in cell and molecular biology, with expertise in obesity and/or cancer research. Candidates with experience in 3D cell culture, animal models of obesity and/or cancer, metabolism research and confocal imaging are encouraged to apply. Please contact Kristy A. Brown, Ph.D., Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, 1300 York, New York NY 10065, Email: kab2060@med.cornell.edu


Ph.D. Students and Student Placements

We are always on the lookout for bright, motivated individuals interested in joining our team. Please contact Dr. Kristy Brown for further information.